How to Solve School Year Stress this Summer

Child with his head down on desk. Books and pencils next to him. He's holding up a sign that says "help"

CAUTION! As the summer heat approaches, so will the dreaded summer slide! What is the summer slide?!

The summer slide is the well observed effect of students losing many of the skills they learned during the last school year.

This happens because they are not practicing their skills and are not “flexing” their brain “muscles”. The summer slide causes students to start the next school year behind, and they often end up stressed out all year.

The solution?
Keep your student engaged in learning during the summer. No matter what their age or ability, there are always gaps to fill, old skills to review, and new skills to learn. Our summer programs are designed to fit all needs. 

Elementary students should solidify their essential math facts like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Working on these during Summer ensures students do not forget them and do not fall behind next year. Summer is also the ideal time to fill in any gaps they have. Skills or topics they just didn’t get during the year can be mastered now. Additionally, word problem struggles can be banished when they have dedicated, stress-free time to focus on them. Summer is also the time to get students ahead! Have your student be the star of their class by signing them up for our math camp or some of our dedicated groups.

Middle and high school students definitely need to keep their math skills fresh. Math classes at these higher levels require students to be proficient in many skills from the previous years. Summer is the time to make sure your student has the essential skills like fractions, decimals, percents, and equation solving they need to succeed in their math class next year. By attending our math camps, students can fill any gaps they have and then get ahead. Whether your student is entering algebra, geometry, or even calculus, one rule still applies: Students who stay engaged during the summer, start the year out strong. Their foundations are solid, and they are often several months ahead of their class.

Finally, for those who struggled during the school year and are repeating their class in summer school, we are an excellent resource to ensure that this time, class goes smoothly. We offer dedicated classes and private sessions to fit with any student’s summer school needs. Once they pass that class, we can help them prepare to breeze through math next year.


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