Customer Reviews

“Twice we’ve been in a make it or break it situation with Algebra and Patricia and her group have come through in helping my daughter get a passing grade in Algebra! Patricia has been great to work with in scheduling and personally helped my daughter during a crunch time for her. Every tutor we’ve been assigned to has helped offering different ways for my daughter to understand. With tutoring centers in almost every strip mall these days, connect with Mathease, an excellent group!” – Lisa E.

 “I would highly recommend Mathease. The staff is very professional and excellent with kids. My daughter’s math performance has improved dramatically since joining this program, and we plan to stick with in, even through summer.” – Michelle Schenk

“My son had a 45% in Algebra for his first semester. He had a hard time grasping the concepts and working well with the pacing of the class. We were discouraged to find out he would have to re-take that term in summer school. Determined to end the year successfully, we enrolled in with Mathease and he worked with two different tutors who were very patient, kind, fun, and extremely helpful. He ended his second semester with a B average in Algebra. For his summer school remediation of the first semester of Algebra1, he finished the three-week course in ONE WEEK! (with a B- average.) We couldn’t be happier and are looking forward to working regularly with Mathease for the next school year. THANK YOU MATHEASE!” Cheryl R.

“My son had horrible grades in algebra 2. I thought for sure he would have to do it over in summer school. Thought tutoring might give him a chance to pass in summer school. It was the end of the 3rd quarter with a failing grade. The tutors figured out the missing element in his schooling and wow. A+ in the 4th quarter. With the extra weighting, he might be able to swing a B for the year. And with the better grades, his confidence is higher as well. From some one who didn’t have much faith signing up for tutoring – this made me a believer.” – Victor V.

“What makes this tutoring place different from others is that they offer homework help to their students. Both my kids, a 7th grader and a 9th grader, are tutored once a week. They are a lesson ahead of their teacher and are doing better in math than they’ve ever done. Both earned A’s on their midterm math exams without stress or difficulty. Both my kids have been going to Mathease for more than a year. Their grades are up and are being maintained. We do not experience anymore homework stress in math. I love this place.”Kerry and Tim Gross

“I am SOOO incredibly thankful for Mathease!! My son has a learning disability due to anti seizure meds. This past year he fell extremely behind in math. He was angry, frustrated, hated math, and didn’t like his teacher. I knew this was all due to the fact that he wasn’t grasping the concepts. In May of this year I enrolled him at Mathease. At first my son was frustrated and didn’t enjoy going, but I made him stick it out. I AM SO GLAD I DID!! Here we are now 3 months later and school has started. After ONLY 3 MONTHS Noah is excited about math, understands his homework, wants to attend tutoring more, and has confidence!!! Writing this review is bringing tears to my eyes. Thank God for Tim his tutor and Patricia the owner. Tim’s patience and ability to teach Noah is unprecedented! Patricia’s kind words and pep talks she gives Noah has made such a tremendous impact on his attitude. I couldn’t be happier right now! Thank you Mathease!!!!” – Diane M. Gutierrez-Bell 

“My son has attended Mathease for the last 4 years. We first came to them when he was in 9th and was failing. They’ve helped him So much over the years and will graduate in 2 weeks. Patrica and her staff are wonderful. She only hires the best. They have good communication by calling and emailing me with progress reports and specials classes for big test. Our experience with Mathease has been wonderful and I recommend them to anyone with a child struggling in math.” – Chris P.

“My son and his friends have attended Mathease. I have known Patricia for many years, and I have always admired her dedication to her students. She really cares and hires only the best tutors. As a parent, she communicates well so your know how your student is doing. Most importantly she GETS RESULTS!!” – Leann C.

“5 stars everyday, I had a big math test I had previously failed multiple times beforehand. The owner, Patricia, is a wonderful & caring woman. She stopped at no end to make sure I was doing my homework, understanding the material as well as testing me. Not only is she loving, but caring as well, understood all my needs & accommodations. I had very little hope in passing this test but she relieved all the stress I had & today I received the call saying I passed my math test. recommend and the staff are wonderful as well.” – Lauren K.

Amazing company! The owner is honest and she really gets results. I have seen kids here go from F to C in only 1 term! Very professional and kind. This business is all about individual attention and the results speak for themselves. I recommend this place and its tutors without reservation! Most of the schools in the area would also!! This place has also mastered teaching the Common Core Curriculum. You will not be sorry you chose Mathease! Call and ask for Patricia she and her incredible team will give your children the attention and assistance they need to excel in all their math needs.” – Mageena T.

“I am very pleased with math progress my daughters are making at Mathease. Our private school switched to Common Core program last year and my girls were lost. Mathease keeps them on track by combining old fashioned math with word problems and a little bit of the “Standards”. I have looked into other math tutoring programs and find that Mathease wins in so many ways – one on one tutoring, program tailored to the child’s individual needs and help with homework, if needed. Also, Patricia, the owner is very knowledgeable and the stuff is nice and helpful. I highly recommend Mathease.” – Eleonora B.

“I would like to thank Mathease for being instrumental in my grandson’s achievement in passing his math proficiency test. Because of their hard work, and his determination, he passed, and was able to receive his high school diploma. I will highly recommend Mathease to any parent whose child needs an extra boost in achieving their goals. Bless you Mathease, you gave my grandson the confidence he needed.” – Althea Mc Daniel

My daughter struggles with math and has since elementary age. She is now in 7th grade and continues to struggle with the way math is taught at her school. I knew we had to do something. I chose to try out Mathease. I met with the owner, Ms. Gordon from and knew she understood math after talking to her about my daughter’s struggles. After 2 sessions of learning percentages with the tutors, my daughter scored a 43/50 on her unit test. This brought her grade up from an F to a C. Her confidence is back! Because of her confidence, it has positively effected all subjects. She checks her grades, organizes her binders, turns in all work and feels like she is a success! Mathease has changed our lives at home after 2 sessions! Supporting my daughter in building her confidence has been personally rewarding for her and me too! I’m one proud momma and can’t wait to see what else she does! Thank you Mathease for understanding math concepts and for the ability to teach in a way my daughter can finally understand!” – buffalove!

“I can’t say enough good things about Mathease. We now have both our students enrolled and both are in honors and magnet schools. This started with our oldest in honors Geometry and failing the class. We tried getting help from the teacher and she was zero help. She actually recommended online courses. We had two choices, move our honors student to another class or get serious help immediately. Mathease was recommended highly and wow were they right !! They went into overdrive helping our child who was really upset as we had never had a tutor before. We found that many honors kids were going there and our child saw several classmates which helped her feel right at ease. Her grades started improving very quickly and within about 3 weeks she went from lost to B’s. She kept up the work and pulled that F up to a B average for the semester! Our other daughter saw all the improvements and wanted in as well. She crushed her mid term with a perfect 100% and an overall A! Yes we are now biased but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. Ask your child if they think they need help and if they even hesitate with their answer, call Katy and get them scheduled!”- Richard O.

“We love this place! I tried other places before without a luck of finding that one and one personal attention. If you want professional, friendly and knowledgeable place Mathease is the place. My daughter has learn so much and the best part is that she wants to continue with their service :)”- Rocio M.

“Patricia the owner is amazing she got my started on her Special summer math camp Special and my son went from a D student to B+ Student and he’s on a roll! Patricia truly has the cure for the common core!” – Lior C.

“Just a short note of thanks to Patricia and the folks at Mathease! Our son, Spencer was at risk for not graduating due to not passing all of his proficiency tests. He would fail the test by just a few points each time. He finally was able to pass all but the math portion and he only had ONE opportunity left to pass it and graduate with his class, or fail it and not only have to wait until summer to retake the test, but not graduate with his class. We enrolled him into Mathease and Patricia and her staff worked with Spencer a couple times per week for a few weeks and now we have a high school graduate! It has been a crazy few weeks not knowing if he passed his math proficiency and if he would graduate, but we can somewhat relax now…. 🙂 Thanks Patricia and Mathease!” – Scott Stewart

Our daughter was doing good in Math but to get into the college she wanted she couldn’t be good she had to be great. Patricia at Mathease changed my daughters life. She was getting A’s shortly after working with Mathease. We were very fortunate to be working with Patricia and her Tutors. They truly are the best. My daughter was accepted to American University in Washington DC. She wouldn’t have made it without Mathease on her team.” – David C.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the tutoring my son has received from Mathease. The tutors are caring and my son looks forward to the instruction. He has been able to maintain an “A” in his honors math classes this entire school year thus far, and I know he feels great about himself as a result! The owner Patricia makes a point of being on top of what the teachers and schools in the district are teaching; she is absolutely “in the know”. Thank you Mathease!!”- Julia C.

If it wasn’t for the Mathease tutors my son would be failing his Algebra class. So glad I found Mathease! Thank you.” –Wendy M. 

“I don’t know how we would survive CCSD’s so called math instruction if not for Mathease. My child’s quiz scores went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. and better yet he actually enjoys going because he feels so confident when he’s done! He has never had a a tutor he didn’t like!!”- Tracey K.

“My son attended Mathease throughout his 7th grade year. He was getting D’s and F’s on his tests before, then he ended up getting A’s on his exams with help from Mathease. They worked with him on all concepts until he understood them all! Very happy here!”- Amanda Kirwan

“Patricia, with your tutoring help, our son Scott, gained a self confidence that he could succeed. From Scott’s diagnosis at 2 1/2 years old with Autism, he has always been judged by what he couldn’t do. You saw in him, what his father and I see in him, an autistic child that CAN! You helped him pass the high school Math proficiency where the school system had always failed him in the past. I think he succeeded because you treated him just as you do your other students and not like a student with a disability. Thank you again for your ability to reach and teach Scott what he needed to be successful!”- Martha and Mark Hincher

“Patricia, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for your outstanding tutoring program. Our son has excelled at math since beginning to work with you and your amazing staff. We so appreciate the real concern you show for your students and their success. This concern is not only felt by us as parents, but the students themselves, and it makes such a difference. We are absolutely confident that our son would not be where he is today, which incidentally is a year ahead, without your help. For the first time he not only is sure of himself when it comes to math, he actually enjoys it! Your approach and interest in him has been a game changer. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much.”- Mark G. Henness, Esq. 

I just wanted to thank you! Courtney received a 93% on her geometry honors semester exam! Thank you so very much for all your help! We couldn’t be more thrilled!” – Amanda

“Patricia, thank you for the help you’ve given me in math. Since I’ve been going to see you, Brent and Jessica I’ve gotten really good math grades. I went from failing to having an “A” in my Geometry class. I now see how easy math can be when you have the right people teaching you!” – Austin

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the extra help and commitment you gave to ensuring Brian passed this quarter and the Semester exam. It wouldn’t have happened without your assistance and your dedication to helping him out as much as you did. Thanks again!!!” – Dave H.

My son’s math grade has gone from a D to a B in six weeks. What is even better is that he is understanding the information now. Great group with great results.” – DeAnn B.

As a family we would like to thank Mathease (especially Brent) for the invaluable service provided to our son Jack. We are proud to say that Jack finished his Precalculus class with an A and graduated from High School with Honors. Again, thank you for your passionate dedication to our son.” – Brian and Lisa P.

“My son has been attending Mathease tutoring for a few months. He is a junior in high school. He has A.D.D. and has difficulty focusing in the classroom. Since taking him to Mathease, his math grade has gone from F to B. Every time I pick him up from tutoring, he says he learned a lot. I am so happy to see the improvement in his grade, and my son feels so much better about math and about himself. This is well worth every penny.” – Janice C.

“Mathease Rocks! Our grand daughter was flunking 9th grade math and had a bad attitude because of it. We got her signed up with Patricia and the transformation has been awesome. She has brought her her grade up to a solid C, and she is improving weekly. We will keep her in tutoring this summer to give her a head start on Geometry next year. The change in her attitude toward school in general has improved too.” – Michael H.

My son is enrolled in the English tutoring with Amy. My son loves the tutorial he is getting from Amy and his grade went 85% to 95%. I am really impressed. Thanks Mathease!” – Pinky K.

“We just dropped our son, Ethan, off at a very prestigious private university for his freshman year. This would not have been possible without the help he received from Mathease Tutoring. I called on a Friday afternoon almost two years ago, and he had his first tutoring session that Sunday! He went almost kicking and protesting. That was the only time. Almost every time afterward, he was ready and, on the days I wasn’t ready, he rushed me on. He was elated when he scored a four on his AP exam. We cannot thank Patricia and her staff enough for all the guidance and genuine care they have for their charges. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Julie and Bruce S.

Mathease has been really flexible with scheduling and last minute needs. I am very satisfied with the quality of tutor assistance my daughter has received.”- Kim T. 

“My girls just started with Mathease a couple weeks ago and I can already see a difference. Their confidence has returned and they no longer dread math each day. I couldn’t be happier with the results so far!” – Rachel 

“My daughter attends Gorman and is getting A’s in honors math thanks to Patricia!!” – Teri

“I am so happy to have found Mathease. My children went from dreading math to liking it in the span of two months! We have been going to sessions virtually. I was hesitant at first thinking they’d lose focus easily and wouldn’t gain from their sessions. However, the virtual platform they use is interactive and engaging. My kids find it easy to follow along with the use of a virtual whiteboard. They look forward to working with their amazing tutors. The tutors are patient and attentive. They have found the best way that my children learn and utilize it. It’s really a one-on-one experience! Thank you Patricia and Mathease staff for making math easy!” – Rebecca S.