What You Need to Ask Your Teacher About the EOC's

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Whether you are a parent or a student, the Nevada End of Course Exams or (EOC’s) can be a scary and confusing prospect. Our EOC FAQ post covers the basics of the EOC, why they are important, and some tricks for preparing for them. However, your student’s school will have to provide important details (such as when the exam will be administered) due to the different way EOC’s are being handled at various schools and by various teachers. The best way to get definitive information about how EOC’s are going to work for you is to talk to your teacher. We have compiled a list of questions that are very important to proper preparation for the EOC’s.

1. When are we taking our EOC?

Your class might be taking them during finals week or you might be taking them early. It is important to know when, so you can plan and study accordingly.

2. Will our class have a separate final exam from the EOC?

Some classes will have the EOC count for 20% of your semester grade. Other classes will have an EOC and a final exam with each counting for 10% of your semester grade. Knowing which camp you fall into allows you to adjust your study plan.

3. (If you are having a separate final) Who is making our final? {your teacher, the district, or your textbook/curriculum creator}

Many schools use the CCSD created finals. These finals are typically more difficult than finals made by the teacher or finals that are made by textbook/curriculum creators. If you are having a district made final, you need to allot more time to prepare.

4. Do you have any study material or tips to help me prepare for my EOC?

Your teacher might have dedicated EOC review material or other resources that can help you prepare. You will miss out if you never ask.

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