Important Summer School Information

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Is your student headed to summer school this year to retrieve credit or just raise their grade? We at Mathease Tutoring have done the research and have a plan to help your student succeed.

End of Course Exams FAQ

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End of Course Exams (EOC’s) are exams given by the State of Nevada to every public high school student in the state. Students are required to take four EOC’s during their high school career, two of which are math.

Why Word Problem Mastery Matters

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You might have seen our group “Mastering the Word Problem” and wondered what was the big deal. Why would we develop a whole program around word problems?

Acing Homework But Failing Tests

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Your student starts the year off strong. They have a high “A”, maybe even a 100%. They are confident, excited. They think maybe this year they’ll ace their math class. Then the first test rolls around and they bomb it. Their grade plummets.

What You Need to Ask Your Teacher About the EOC’s

children raise their hands in a classroom as a teacher holds a book and points at one of them to call on them.

What You Need to Ask Your Teacher About the EOC’s Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin Linkedin 10 Whether you are a parent or a student, the Nevada End of Course Exams or (EOC’s) can be a scary and confusing prospect. Our EOC FAQ post covers the basics of the […]