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"I just wanted to thank you! Courtney received a 93% on her geometry honors semester exam! Thank you so very much for all your help! We couldn't be more thrilled!"


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"Just a short note of thanks to Patricia and the folks at Mathease! Our son, Spencer was at risk for not graduating due to not passing all of his proficiency tests. He would fail the test by just a few points each time. He finally was able to pass all but the math portion and he only had ONE opportunity left to pass it and graduate with his class, or fail it and not only have to wait until summer to retake the test, but not graduate with his class. We enrolled him into Mathease and Patricia and her staff worked with Spencer a couple times per week for a few weeks and now we have a high school graduate! It has been a

crazy few weeks not knowing if he passed his math proficiency and if he would graduate, but we can somewhat relax now.Thanks Patricia and Mathease!"

-Scott Stewart

"Patricia, with your tutoring help, our son Scott, gained a self confidence that he could succeed.  From Scott's diagnosis at 2 1/2 years old with Autism, he has always been judged by what he couldn't do. You saw in him, what his father and I see in him, an autistic child that CAN! You helped him pass the high school Math proficiency where the school system had always failed him in the past.  I think he succeeded because you treated him just as you do your other students and not like a student with a disability.  Thank you again for your ability to reach and teach Scott what he needed to be successful!"

-Martha and Mark Hincher

"Patricia, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for your outstanding tutoring program. Our son has excelled at math since beginning to work with you and your amazing staff. We so appreciate the real concern you show for your students and their success.  This concern is not only felt by us as parents, but the students themselves, and it makes such a difference.  We are absolutely confident that our son would not be where he is today, which incidentally is a year ahead, without your help.  For the first time he not only is sure of himself when it comes to math, he actually enjoys it! Your approach and interest in him has been a game changer. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much."

-Mark G. Henness, Esq.

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"This is a great tutoring center! They have a personalized approach to teaching! I have seen student after student "get it". This tutoring center can take kids with F's and D's up to C's and B's within the same semester!! Being a person who has historically HATED Math myself, I am absolutely shocked to see kids come in feeling beat down from math and in a matter of a few sessions they feel like they get it and math is not so overwhelming anymore. The kids even look forward to coming to their tutoring to me thats really impressive! They even have tutoring on Sundays and during school breaks. They have a "Winter Camp" option and Summer tutoring programs too."

-Mageena T.

"Now we have a high school graduate."

"You saw an autistic child that can!"

"A 93% on her semester exam!"

"Our son is a year ahead, is sure of himself, and enjoys math!"

"Math is so not overwhelming anymore."

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